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Our responsibility

Cabonline plays a crucial role in society. In collaboration with our affiliated transporters, we ensure that people reach their destinations safely and in an environmentally friendly manner, while also creating numerous job opportunities. We are committed to continuously evolving our operations in line with global development.

Our operations range beyond our directly employed staff and resources to include a network of independent transporters with their taxis and drivers. This extends our impact far beyond our immediate control. It’s a significant challenge but also a tremendous opportunity when considering our responsibility and influence.

As a leading taxi company in the Nordics, we are an integral part of the Nordic infrastructure. Our size brings a responsibility within our industry for sustainable community development. Therefore, we aim to lead by example and be proactive in areas where we can make a difference. We achieve this by working systematically and integrating sustainability into our daily operations.

Read more about our strategy and about the details around our work in our sustainability reports.

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